Another factor in the deployment of rack (Racking System)

Another factor in the deployment of rack (Racking System)
          is indispensable for storage in a warehouse that is the most important. Shelves of various kinds, be it shelves a FC Terek Active Drive-In Mobile Rack Rack Rack Rack Double Deep, a large shelf that is not paved on each floor. There will be only after the beams for the weight of the pallet and goods.

          Because the store is focused on the high-rise. To save storage space, so these racks. In general, it is usually higher than 3 meters up to 10 meters, which will be used to lift hydraulics to lift cargo on the platform truck up onto the crossbar of the rack at various levels, 
hence the choice. using the shelf Layout and installation of shelves. The factors involved in many important areas as follows 

1. type of goods to be stored.

          Products need to be stored on the floor. The most fundamental factor in determining the appliances. Choose activities that will be used in the storage of the product size and weight of the product. Determines whether Use pallet sizes What kind of support Each pallet can weigh up how much of the product determines the assortment of shelves with goods to be first - out basis. Or before - out later The same product Or a wide range of products To choose or not paid at all times. There is much quantity. To store shelves on how many pallets. How high must place Use all shelves accommodate a pallet positions 

2. The types of pallet platform.
          The size of the plate Platte Lethbridge Must be able to pick up a load of goods to pile up on your plate. And to consider placing beams on the shelves. Will put the wide or narrow. The type and size of pallet will determine that. Racks to be installed How deep should be broad at the same time determine the forklift to be used, it must be news. How wide or narrow forks. Raised higher 
number of pallets will determine that. Should be just any crowded shelf. And there is a high level 

3. The area of the warehouse. 
          The area of the warehouse Another factor to consider in selecting shelves. Whether it is a small entrance gate height of the ceiling. Width length These are restrictions on the installation of shelves. Must be in a range of areas. Must take into account the need to store. And the operation of the truck ran out of time to disburse 

4. type truck to use.
          Trucks must have the ability to raise sufficient weight load capacity with a maximum weight of goods on pallets at the same time be able to lift up to the top shelf to be installed. not only What to watch out for is Regardless of the size of the vehicle. Could return to face the shelves in the store or while lifting up its withdrawal with a mounting rack. It must provide the width of the runway between the layers. Enough with such a 

5. The turnover of goods.
          If there is a lot And rotation speed that must be imported and paid more frequently. Trucks must have the capacity to work hard all the time. Or require shelves are semi-automatic. or automatic Controlled by a computer program Goods must circulate a FIFO or LIFO, it is extremely important to choose the shelves, as well as the flow of goods into the first out (LIFO) may select a Drive-in, or Push Back If you want to rotate the item first. first out (fIFO) may select a Selective Flow or so.

Based on the above factors, One of the basic ideas An alternative is to choose the type of rack is focused tightness or ease of access. This will lead to the selection of the appropriate shelves.


เครื่องตัดไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์ LF-3015 GA

Fiber Laser Machine LF-3015 GA

        ไทยอินเตอร์แมท เป็นตัวแทนจำหน่าย เครื่องตัดไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์คุณภาพสูง รุ่น LF-3015 GA จากบริษัท G-Weike อย่างเป็นทางการ ด้วยประสบการณ์ การใช้งานเครื่องตัดเลเซอร์ในอุตสาหกรรมชั้นวางสินค้ามากว่า 25 ปี ไทยอินเตอร์แมทจึงมั่นใจในคุณภาพการทำงานของเครื่องตัดไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์ จาก G-Weike และได้มุ่งมั่นที่จะแนะนำผลิตภัณฑ์คุณภาพแก่ผู้ประกอบการในประเทศไทย 


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Sorter System

Cross Belt Sorter is a kind of conveyor sorting system with high efficiency, high speed, low power consumption, low noise. It’s designed for sorting various types of goods with a sorting rate of up to 25000 p/h, it is the preferred sorter by E-commerce, express, and apparel industries for intelligent sorting equipment.

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Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor systems are mainly used for transporting goods or materials that are heavy for most systems, hydraulics can. Adjustable height levels. Most of the top is flat like a table or shelf products such as pallets (pallets), a square box. And container industry These belts are divided into Single chain or double chain in the selection of appropriate infrastructure and other industries.

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Industrial Mezzanine (Mezzanine Floor)

Industrial Mezzanine ( Mezzanine Floor ) was added to the mezzanine area from the shelves. Which can be divided into 2 or 3 or more floors to the needs of customers in the area by the high efficiency of the company's Thailand International format. Limiting the usefulness and safety first.

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