Unlock your potential and join us at Thaiintermat Co., Ltd.

At Thaiintermat Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our dedication to delivering high-quality products and services has established us as a leader in the industry. We continually seek talented individuals who share our passion for pushing boundaries and driving success. Join us, and be part of a dynamic team that is shaping the future of our business.

Employee Benefits:

  1. Social security
  2. Annual salary adjustment (every January)
  3. Provident fund
  4. Lunch provided
  5. Year-end bonus (based on company performance)
  6. Allowance and travel expenses (for out-of-town assignments)
  7. Annual health check-up
  8. Uniforms
  9. Firstborn baby gift
  10. Welfare and Assistance Fund
  11. Emergency loans
  12. Employee hospital visits

How to Apply:

Contact Information (Job Applications):
084-769-8855 (Khun Kanittha),
086-341-6350 (Khun Sansanee)